RevGenetics GDPR Website Is Online

Welcome to our new RevGenetics website for EU Customers.

Yes, we are up and running!

The website was specifically made for EU customers. 

We automatically re-route traffic coming from the EU, that is going to the US Shop of the RevGenetics website to this new website. Our information blog pages are very limited in the collection of data like Cookies. However, our shop, where a person enters their identifying information when ordering products has functionality that requires 3rd party applications (such as Google Maps API to help fill in addresses). For this reason, we decided to create a new shop website for our EU customers.

For the EU RevGenetics shop website, we wanted to make sure that third-party applications were stripped out completely or limited (in the case of the credit card processor we use to take payments).

We hope this helps our customers continue to stop by, knowing their privacy is a priority to RevGenetics.

Please note, if you have not been receiving our emails with sales and information, it may be because you missed our GDPR email and may need to resubscribe again. 

To resubscribe to our RevGenetics informational emails: please click this link and subscribe once more: (Click To Subscribe To Our Newsletter!)

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