Nitro Synergy Resveratrol (Nitro250) With Up To 25x Solubility EU
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M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) - Better Than Super Micronized

RevGenetics Micronized Trans-Resveratrol powder has particles that have been reduced as small as 1-2 microns, and these smaller particles are absorbed up to 220% compared to regular Resveratrol supplements that average between 149 to 224microns[1]. When the 1-2 micron particles is combined with Tween, we can see up to a 1000% absorption increase when compared to regular resveratrol. We make this tween emulsified product to increase the amount of resveratrol as fast as possible because resveratrol has a very short half-life.

The comparison of regular resveratrol and the special micronized resveratrol increases are shown in the chart here: (view chart).

The Nitro250 contains our world-renowned Micronized Resveratrol and Tween formulation that we believe will benefit you over non-emulsified Resveratrol powder. The MicroResveratrol™ powder is the same powder used in the PCOS study*. 

In 2018 we will change our Nitro250 formula, as we have found the PCOS study data to suggest a few changes that may be beneficial.

For ongoing laboratory testing and university studies that demand the best Micronized Resveratrol quality, try our M98 powder. Our M98 has been shown to average 1-2 microns on average (D50) in measured particle tests.

Try our bulk powder or our nitrogen protected liquid capsule in our Nitro250 bottle. We are the only provider of Liquid Capsules with micronized resveratrol. These Liquid Capsules are protected from light, heat, and oxygen with a nitrogen bubble in each capsule. They provide 250mg of resveratrol.


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