GoodTummy IgY Hyperimmune Egg - 140 Grams

GoodTummy IgY Hyperimmune Egg - 140 Grams


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WE NOW HAVE LOW INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! GoodTummy contains Muno-IGY, protein antibodies that enter the gut and supports the rejection of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Great for kids and older adults for tummy support to support the reduction of the "Inflammation Cascade" when eating. Also supports endurance levels, digestive function, joint health and more energy. Supports immune prevention of normal "Seasonal Issues". 100% Natural, Gluten Free. Hyperimmune Egg - Bulk IgY Max Egg Powder With Scoop.

This is loose Hyperimmune Egg powder specially developed with antibodies that support the natural rejection of many food pathogens. Kids take this daily to support having a good tummy at all times. Use the powder to create powerful shakes or add to salads and regular foods.

We Suggest You buy 4 or More Containers Today. It Takes A While To Restock This Great Product When We Run Out. Take Advantage Of The Great Product While Supplies Last! GoodTummy is recommended for kids from 9 to 190 years old. It completely supports active kids having a good tummy while traveling and eating out.

International Notice: Please check with customs if this product can be shipped to your country and in what quantities (As an example: South Korea may only accept 6 bottles for personal use). We don't offer refunds if your country prohibits this shipment into your country, particular address or if customs fees are not paid such as VAT. If the package is lost in transit (which is rare), we can provide a refund. Please note that refunds can only be submitted between 45 to 90 days. We cannot provide refunds of lost packages after 90 days.

Why GoodTummy Powder? GoodTummy was developed to help support good digestion for kids while eating out or traveling to your favorite park and eating in places and restaurants that have high traffic and cannot always make the perfect food. The powder taken simply helps coat the tummy while eating and has special protein antibodies that support the rejection of the bad stuff they were created for. The "bad stuff" is supported and helped to be lead out of your body naturally.

While a kids tummy and his immune system can easily deal with some of the bad stuff that is eaten outside of your home, the GoodTummy powder supports maintaining good digestion to make sure kids think less of a hurt tummy and more on having a great time.

How long will this last? We supply a small scoop with your order. 1 small scoop a day will last you 60 days and it should be once taken daily. If you eat out a lot, we suggest taking 1 scoop with questionable meals.

Is this really egg powder? Yes it is, it is specially treated and has multiple patents because of the protein antibodies it contains that does most of the GoodTummy Magic*. This is also a natural source of immunoglobulins, cytokines and other nutrients that support athletic recovery and performance, not just a good tummy.

I am allergic to eggs, can I take it? No do not take this product if you have an allergy to eggs. Now, if you don't have an allergy but don't like the taste of eggs, then simply mix it into a milkshake or other cream or salad dressing.

What exactly does GoodTummy do and which antibodies does it have? Good Tummy happens to support the reduction of the normal adherence of pathogens simply because of the protein antibodies that it has, it supports their rejection of the normal pathogen adhesion in gastrointestinal tract. Think of it as a slip-n-slide that helps support sending the pathogens right out of the intestinal tract, rather than having them stick to it.*

IGY Max reduces pathogens in intestinal track

There are 26 Antibodies in the GoodTummy Hyperimmune Egg Powder. 

What have scientific studies been done on this egg powder? GoodTummy Hyperimmune Powder is powerful and has been studied at length. Please refer to the studies below that we provide strictly for information purposes only:

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*The statements on this web page about GoodTummy have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The supplements mentioned on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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