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RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™
RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™
RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™
RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™
RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™

RevGenetics Rapymine™: With SpermidineRX™

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RevGenetics Rapymine™ Is made for healthy customers who want to make sure they are doing everything they can to support their natural cellular Autophagy, all while seeing their doctor regularly. This product contains SpermidineRX™, which is a proprietary dry wheat seed and wheat seed oil extract.

After researching over ~20,000 compounds In June 2020, The Laboratory Of Genetic Metabolic Diseases, Amsterdam UMC, named Spermidine (With CAS 124-20-9) and Glucosamine the top Geroprotectors, with Spermidine having fewer side effects than Glucosamine. (Biogerontology (2020) 21:709–719).

This is a food dietary supplement, so there is no prescription needed for this product. However, we ask you to consult with your doctor if you have allergies to wheat, wheat oil, or wheat seed extract products.

Our Active Proprietary Wheat Extract of our trademarked SpermidineRX™ is guaranteed to have Spermidine identified as (CAS 124-20-9), which is the type of Spermidine named as a Geroprotector (Biogerontology (2020) 21:709–719). The other sold form is not the same, so we advise you only to consider the Spermidine products that have been identified with an identification number (CAS 124-20-9). The bottle has 90 Capsules (Yes, each capsule includes at least 1mg of natural Spermidine), email RevGenetics for the latest COA. We recommend taking one pill a day.

We make RevGenetics Rapymine™ available only for general health and well-being at this time.

What is Autophagy? Autophagy is a cellular housekeeping process in which a cell’s internal components and environment are “cleaned.” The dysfunctional organelles, misfolded proteins, aggregated macromolecules, or pathogens in the area are removed and degraded, while some of the metabolites are reused.

Autophagy is also dynamic—it helps cells react to environmental changes, including extreme situations such as deprivation or starvation of amino acids. Because of this, we group this action of Autophagy with our senolytics supplements. More can be read here on the action of Autophagy (Cell Dev. Biol., 28 November 2019 - link)

Why Purchase From RevGenetics? Because part of your purchase today helps contribute to ongoing research and collaboration RevGenetics does with researchers. 

Allergen Notice: Caution contains wheat.

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